Healthy Shopping and Nutritious Eating:

The Fruits and Veggies: More Matters Partnership is comprised of government agencies, not-for-profit groups, and industry collaborating to encourage Americans of all ages to choose healthier options, especially more fruits and vegetables.

The public half of the public-private More Matters Partnership is sponsored by the CDC and other federal agencies. They have developed this site with useful tools and recipes to help you eat more fruits and vegetables every day.

Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables everyday is important to staying healthy. Choose MyPlate from the USDA gives helpful advice on selecting which foods to include in your diet.

The "Buy California Grown" campaign is a public-private partnership reminds us how important it is to look for and purchase agricultural products grown and produced in the Golden State.

FoodRoutes is a national non-profit dedicated to reintroducing Americans to their food - the seeds it grows from, the farmers who produce it, and the routes that carry it from the fields to our tables.

Farmers' Markets bring you the best of farm-fresh produce that changes throughout the year as new crops reach their peak of ripeness. Eat the best when you Eat in Season at your local Certified Farmers' Market.