Farmers' Market Producers

Over 260 California farmers and more than 310 other producers sell their products in PCFMA's certified farmers' markets each week. Get to know where your food comes from by learning more about the men and women whose hard work brings such great products to market for you and family. Use the menus below to find specific farmers, or browse the list of all producers in PCFMA's farmers' markets.

Find Producers by Seasonal Product

You will find that the products in your local farmers' market will change throughout the year. All of the fresh product in the farmers' market is California-grown and seasonally-fresh. What the farmers' market offers in spring or summer will be quite different than what you will find there in the fall or winter. This list includes many of the fresh products you can currently find at the farmers' market. Choose your favorite fruit or vegetable from the list to learn more about the great products in the farmers' market and to learn more about the farmers' that plant, tend, and harvest the crops. For more information on seasonal California produce, download our Farmers' Market Seasonal Calendar.

Find Producers by Farmers' Market

Every farmers' market is unique. Each one is a reflection of its community offering different products and different varieties brought to market by different California farmers. Choose one of the markets open this week from the list below to learn more about the farmers that are bringing fresh products to you farmers' market and the great seasonal products you may find in the market.