The PCFMA Staff

PCFMA's staff includes farmers' market managers, experienced marketing and promotions professionals, administrators, chefs, and others — all dedicated to developing, sustaining and improving PCFMA's farmers' markets. The PCFMA staff is dedicated to ensuring that farmers' markets remain successful outlets for California's small family farms and fun family gatherings for the communities we serve. Click on the arrow next to a staff member's name to learn more about them.

arrow iconJohn W. Silveira, Director

Vanessa Bonilla, Market Manager

Chantal Boyer, Nutrition Educator

arrow iconCody Brooks, Market Manager

arrow iconValentina Cekovski, Market Manager

arrow iconLaura deTar, Nutrition Program Manager, Fresh Approach

arrow iconThomas Dorn, Market Manager

Jessica Echols, Administrative Assistant

arrow iconStephanie Hadsell, Direct Marketing Coordinator

arrow iconReheman Haishan, Assistant Market Manager

arrow iconSara Haston, Market chef

arrow iconMario Hernandez, Chef & Program Coordinator for Cookin' the Market

arrow iconMaureen Hovda, Administrative Manager

arrow iconRon Jackson, Market Manager

arrow iconJeff Jelsma, Market Manager

arrow iconPat Lane, Public Relations

Travis Lee, Market Manager

arrow iconShawn Lipetzky, Market Manager

arrow iconMinnie Low, Market Manager

A.J. Mahon, Marketing & Promotions Specialist

arrow iconMoises Mena, Market Manager

arrow iconDouglas Mena, Market Manager

Lonny Meyer, Market Manager

arrow iconJessica Millender, Regional Manager

arrow iconDebra J. Morris, Marketing & Promotions Specialist

arrow iconAllen J. Moy, Director of Community Based Programs

arrow iconTom Nichol, Market Manager

arrow iconEden Olsen, Market Manager

arrow iconBen Palazzolo, Director of Direct Marketing

arrow iconTomas Pascual, Market Manager

arrow iconMichael Peterson, Market Manager

arrow iconSameer Poudyal, Market Manager

arrow iconGreg Pursley, Regional Manager

arrow iconLeah Ricci, Volunteer Coordinator

arrow iconStefan J. Robinson, Director of Marketing & Promotions

arrow iconMaria Elena Rodriguez, Assistant Market Manager

arrow iconLaura Salcido, Agriculture Program Manager, Fresh Approach

arrow iconChong Thao, Market Manager

arrow iconRamiro Tovar, Market Manager

arrow iconElena Trierweiler, Marketing & Promotions Specialist

arrow iconRon Ulrici, Training and Development Manager

arrow iconJorge Vega, Regional Manager

arrow iconKeith Wall, Market Manager

arrow iconAshley Weidman, Market Manager

arrow iconEric Winkler, Market Manager