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Bountiful Berries
Among all the wonderful summer produce that's out there now (corn, summer squash, tomatoes, stone fruit, peppers) are sweet little berries. Berries are the super food of the fruit world with loads of nutritional power and great taste, all in tasty little packages. California has the best micro climates for growing berries. The coastal, inland, and mountain climates are all growing regions for different varieties of berries. You won't find better at your local farmers' market. Read more about berries in this series.

Email newsletter distributed on July 1, 2014 -

Stone Fruit Season
Cherries, peaches, and nectarines started arriving very early this season. The drought has affected quantity but not the quality of cherries thus far. Light yields are expected and the season may be shorter than usual. Many farmers have had their water cut off, and those using well water are using it sparingly. Find out more about this year's cherry crop and what some of our farmers are going through in a special interview by PCFMA's  Sarah Trent.

Email newsletter distributed on June 1, 2014 -

Crazy for Cherries
Fresh sweet cherries have come to the farmers' market. Burlats, Bings, Brooks, and other cherries will arrive. The season is very short, usually May to the end of June. California is home to over 600 cherry growers, farming over 26,000 acres from the fertile San Joaquin and Santa Clara valleys which have nutrient-rich soil, sunny days and mild nights. Can and preserve cherry jam, freeze pitted cherries for later use, or make a cherry pie. Get some now because these beauties are here for only a short time. Enjoy them while you can!

Email newsletter distributed on May 1, 2014 -

Pod Perfect
It's the season for a plethora of pods! Peas and beans are arriving this spring in all their prolific perfectness. Picked at their peak, they're a delicious and healthy addition to all your spring recipes. Inexpensive and versatile, beans are nutritionally dense. Green, mung, cranberry, and lima beans are all fabulous. Fava beans (photo above) are wonderful as well. Spring peas are highly anticipated and are so sweet you can eat them right out of the bag! Fresh shelling peas are highly seasonal and available only through summer. Snow peas and snap peas are here, too! Try them all!
Email newsletter distributed on April 1, 2014 -

Greens Galore!
Spring is on its way as we say goodbye to a cold and very dry winter. Fruit trees are budding early, spring flowers are showing their gorgeous colors, and spring veggies are starting to pop out of the ground like rows of soldiers.

Lettuce, asparagus, spring onions, artichokes, spinach, broccoli, leeks, cabbage, and chard are here, just to name a few. So go green this March and enjoy tasty meals made with fresh local greens! More on greens here.

Email newsletter distributed on March 1, 2014 -

February is all about hearts and flowers, loved ones, and...... asparagus! Yes, the end of February usually brings the spears everyone waits for all year. The fertile soil of the San Joaquin Delta region is perfect for asparagus production with more than 50,000 metric tons harvested annually. Most of this is marketed as fresh green asparagus.Most of this is marketed as fresh green asparagus.

Email newsletter distributed on February 1, 2014 -

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