This Week's Featured Product is Mushrooms

Whether saut?ing, roasting, grilling, or boiling, mushrooms' unique textures and flavors are delectable and nutritious additions to any meal. Mushrooms are actually the fruiting bodies of an undergrond organism called mycelium, which form symbotic relationships with plants and contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

Common market varieties of mushrooms include the cultivated white button, cremini, portabello, shitake, and oyster, as well as the wild-foraged chanterelle and porcini. Store mushrooms in your refrigerator crisper where they benefit from cool air circulation and keep from drying-out.

You can purchase mushrooms from Far West Fungi or another of the local farmers selling mushrooms.

Far West Fungi grows and sells high quality, organic mushrooms including Shiitake, Tree Oyster, Lions Mane, Maitake, and King Oyster.

Once you get your purchases home, check out our delicious recipes using mushrooms.

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