Cookin' the Market: Live Cooking Demonstrations

Cookin' the Market is a program of cooking demonstrations in PCFMA's farmers' markets and other community events that show just how quick and easy it is to cook with fresh, locally-grown ingredients.

Cookin' the Market is a response to the pre-packaged, heavily processed and fast foods that have become so prominent in American meals and is built on the premise that people are more likely to accept and retain a new idea when they fully experience it than when they simply read about it. The Cookin’ the Market program engages all of the senses by not just describing healthy foods or talking about healthy foods, but by preparing them live in front of an audience that can then sample the foods for themselves. It is designed to offer nutrition education in an entertaining format to help battle increased obesity and the ill health affects that accompany it.

Cookin' the Market emphasizes fresh and seasonal ingredients, healthy recipes and easy preparations to demonstrate that anyone, regardless of time or talent, can cook fresh and nutritious foods that not only taste better, but are also better for you.

Check out our recipes page for great healthy recipes you can make with your fresh and healthy products from your local farmers' market.

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