This Week's Featured Product is Peas

Peas come in three major varieties: garden, snow, and snap. Garden peas are usually shelled before eaten; snow peas are consumed young with the pod; and snap peas can be consumed either way, depending upon their maturity. Their sweet taste and tender texture provides a nice contrast to savory curries, soups, and stews; they are well-complimented by aromatics like onion, garlic, and mint. As with most delicacies, peas begin to lose their sweetness and flavor quickly after harvest, so look for the freshest at your local farmers' market.

Peas are available from cool California coastal farms during summer months, usually beginning in April and finishing by November.

You can purchase peas from Iacopi Farms or another of the local farmers selling peas.

The location of Louis Iacopi's 100-acre farm is very unusual -- it's between the landing strips at the Half Moon Bay Airport! Fortunately, there's not too much air traffic at that airport, so Louis is able to keep his farm well-tended. The cool, coastal c

Once you get your purchases home, check out our delicious recipes using peas.

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